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This morning I was tempted to click one of those Youtube clips that helps explain "those" people. We all have a category of folks that are naturally harder for us to love, and we can always find a plethora of company for our misery. I clicked a random clip about verses on love instead. Wow, I have so far to go in loving the way God intended..Truth is the path of love is a steep climb that leaves us all feeling a little broken. In Matthew 5:1, Jesus saw the multitude and turned around and went mountain climbing. When all that was left were a few exhausted disciples, he gave them the gems of the faith, mostly about being broken, the words we now know as the Sermon on the Mount.

May God be with you in your broken, imperfect love today.

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This is me and my wife, Linda. I'm from Canada, but its been 40 years since as a little boy, I had a dream to live in a big city,  Now I am livin' the dream in the biggest city around, NYC.

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