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Who is wounded in a war?

It's a Bebo Norman sort of night, dark, quiet. I'm exhausted.

It occurs to me that in every battle there are countless more people wounded than those on the battlefield. In 1860, there were little grandma's in West Virginia mourning the loss of their grandbabies in Harper's Ferry. At the same time some grandma in Virginia probably made a little shrine because they couldn't recover the body of their precious one dead in Harper's Ferry across the river.

The battle lines are in different places, but this current American civil war is no different. The pain of our current cultural conflict echoes out across this nation tonight. Some are questioning faith because their prayers or the words of their favorite prophet did not come true. and they are afraid of the backlash. Others are questioning faith because Christianity and White Supremacy seem like synonyms nowadays.

I am posting this song for both of you tonight.

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