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Urban musings: What I saw when jogging last weekend.

Its hard to describe my love affair with this place. For a while, I didn't want to come. I thought, "Who will accept me, a generic White boy from fly-over country?" But I felt like I should go. Someone else said that God never actually "sends" you somewhere, because He is already there. He calls you somewhere, like a mother calling you home for dinner.

At first I thought I was called here to do something great. That didn't happen. Then I figured out that maybe I was called here just to get something, something I needed.

Most New Yorker's have a story to tell. 1/3 were born in another country.

We all long for rest.
Where is justice?

I'm hiding.

I'm hiding too.


Sometimes you just have to enjoy the endless music.

Serving up some liberty

Peaceful protest? Sons of B!&%h's they said.

Occupy Wall Street types.

Lock my heart to you, throw away the key.

Who ever heard of the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral? Me neither.

Father Abraham?

We shoot each other even in art.

One thing New Yorker's agree on, making money, lot's of it.

Colors of Liberty

Jenga Building

NYPD Headquarters, the Department is the size of the 7th biggest military in the world.

"The Immigrants"

Near the back of "The Immigrants" sculpture is an African with a different experience.

There she is.

"The Big A"

New York, I am not sure why I love you so much.

I can't stop loving you.

You have been so good to me.

"Failed Democtratic City?" Humph

Babylon? Perhaps

Ostentatious autocrats

Warm embrace

Your pain, your passion, your anger, your smile, your hopeless drama, your boundless dreams.

Your rhythm, your blues.

I believe there was once a rabbi who crested the Mount of Olives and saw what I see.

He sees you still.

He loves you more

than you will ever know.

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This is me and my wife, Linda. I'm from Canada, but its been 40 years since as a little boy, I had a dream to live in a big city,  Now I am livin' the dream in the biggest city around, NYC.

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